by Hiroki Nishino.

This is indeed a very simple remix of one of my live performance pieces. The interest that I had in remixing the piece is to investigate how very simple techniques such as resampling and copy & paste can transform the original piece when the techniques are applied to very short fragments.

Some fragments involved in the remix are indeed quite short and within the microsound time-scale (in the classification of musical time-scales by Roads (Roads, Curtis., Microsound. The MIT Press, 2004, p.3) )

I was also interested in exploring (or revisiting) a futuristic appearance with intense sound materials after techno/noise decades.

Each of the stereo channels is completely independent and even panning is not applied to the sound materials. While I still haven’t worked the further extension of the idea at all since then, this piece is a sketch for an extended multi-channel piece, which I was planning to compose (and that’s how the title was given to this piece.)