by Hiroki Nishino.

The extension of card games by interactive systems recently has been rapidly popular in gaming industry. Camera-based Tracking can play an important role to build such an interactive card games in low cost, without any special hardware. Split markers can be useful for such card games since the space between the markers can be placed a picture that is visually meaningful for players as in [1].

Among the criteria required for such a marker-tracking system for interactive card games, the robustness and the fast processing speed are important for better game experience; frequent false detection is a significant obstacle to identify and track the cards and slow processing speed is harmful for user interaction. We develop a novel split marker tracking method based on topological region adjacency and vector information. Our method can achieve fast processing speed and the robustness against false positive detection.


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H. Nishino, A Split-Marker Tracking Method Based on Topological Region Adjacency and Geometrical Information for Interactive Card Games, The Second ACM SIGGRAPH Conference in Asia (ACM SIGGRAPH ASIA 2009), Yokohama, Japan, 2009, Dec.