by Yi-Ching Kang and Hiroki Nishino.

‘Scented Graphics’ is our artistic experiments with a scented-printing technique that utilizes an ink-jet printer.

By mixing water-soluble aroma oils with inks, an ink-jet printer can be utilized to control scent-mixing with high-precision almost at no extra cost. Such features are hardly provided by existing scented-printing services at the same level of flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

We mimic the Swiss Graphic Design in our experiment as the style facilitate the preliminary investigation of this technique. As scent-mixing is a fundamental technique in olfactory art, our experiments can be beneficial as design exemplars as a preliminary exploration of the technique.

Y.C. Kang, and H. Nishino, Scented Graphics: Exploration in Ink-jet Scented-printing, The ACM SIGGRAPH Conference, LA, USA, 2019 July (accepted).