by Ting-Wen Chin, Yu-Yen Chuang, Yu-Ling Fan, Ye-Ning Jiang, Yi-Ching Kang, Wei-Hsin Kuo, Tzu-Wen To, and Hiroki Nishino.

We prototyped interactive digital signage systems with custom- made physical interfaces to investigate how the addition of physical interfaces extends the design space of digital signage. While our investigation is still in the preliminary phase and the prototypes just simply play back video files when triggered by the user’s action, this addition of physical interfaces seems to provide an interesting design space; the addition not only can be helpful for an intuitive interaction but also beneficial as a means of creative expressions for better message delivery.

T.W. Chin, Y.Y. Chuang, Y.L. Fan, Y.N. Jiang, Y.C. Kang, W.H. Kuo, T.W. To, & H. NishinoPrototyping Digital Signage Systems with High-Low Tech Interfaces, The 10th ACM SIGGRAPH conference and Exhibition on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques in Asia (ACM SIGGRAPH ASIA 2017), Bangkok, Thailand, 2017 Nov.