by Hiroki Nishino et al.

Alice and Her Friend is an interactive book for visually-impaired children. While we put a significant focus on multisensory interaction, the book is designed entirely in black, intending both to emphasize that visually-impaired people also enjoy rich multisensory experiences and to raises awareness of the needs that visually-impaired children have. We used the book to interview experts in related fields to investigate practical needs among visually-impaired children. Based on their insights, we also propose a novel research topic, “creative technologies for the disabled”; it is necessary to support people with disabilities to create what they need by themselves, since the degrees and types of visual impairment significantly differ among visually-impaired people.

H. Nishino, N. Podari, S. Sini, C. Edrisinghe & A. Cheok, Alice and Her Friend: A Black ‘Picture Book’ of Multisensory Interaction for Visually-Impaired Children, The 13th Conference on Advances in Entertainment Technology (ACE 2016), Osaka, Japan, 2016 Nov. pp.12:1-12:6