by Ye-Ning Jiang and Hiroki Nishino.

Meet in Rain is Ye-Ning Jiang’s final year project. It is a a serious game on Chinese poetry. Players must complete given tasks by exploring imaginary sceneries that depict Chinese poems while invoking various events, which help them for the better appreciation of the poems. Its graphics design also mimics Chinese paintings in the era when the poems were created. As there exist only a few serious games for Chinese poetry and they mostly focus on the knowledge accusation, our work provides a rare design exemplar as a serious game that is designed with the intention to foster the aesthetic appreciation ability for a cultural subject.

Ye-Ning Jiang & H. Nishino, Meet in Rain: A Serious Game to help the better appreciation of Chinese Poems, The ACM SIGGRAPH Conference, LA, USA. 2019 July (accepted).